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Our Story

We started ColorElephant back in October 2012 as a digital marketing services company. We felt we could add value by giving a fresh, native perspective to how companies should use digital. Our first ever client was Evernote, a product we still love. We had since then the pleasure of working in challenges small and big with some lovable companies like BMW, Microsoft, L’Oreal, Cisco and many more. It was for most of one year a two-man operation with a lot of freelancers, but at a certain point back in 2013, we had to take a massive decision. Both of us had gotten offers to work at top-tier companies: so it was either aiming higher and growing or giving up on the Elephant. Needless to say we kept at it. But we struggled to find our mission and place in a very crowded and increasingly more price-driven market. We hired great people and started building a truly exceptional tech team with both in-house staff and freelancers. With this good technical capabilities we wanted to do something more, something scalable – not the “app to take over the world” kind but “software to help more than one company at once” scalable – and so we started the slow process of starting building more of our own products and see services (mostly technical at this point) as an “added value” of top of those. We can’t really say what the future will look like, we can, however, assure that we’re working tirelessly to make sure that our story is also your story and that we can keep writing more lines for years to come.

some of the brands we had the pleasure to work with



We started as a boutique digital agency, we’ve learned and evolved. We are now a provider of high quality digital self-service products and highly customised services to help companies achieve business goals with technology.

  • CléDigitale

    CléDigitale is the boutique digital studio of ColorElephant. Independently run and with dedicated staff, CléDigitale seeks to provide high quality digital solutions for high-end luxury brands. We match knowledge of the luxury industry with knowledge of the digital world and deliver digital footprints for brands that please their customers. Be it with fresh and new websites, social media management, online ad campaigns, online stores or even meticulously crafted digital experiences that show the brand beyond text and image.

  • SimpleChoice

    Simplechoice is the easiest way for model/hostess agencies and HR companies around the world to grow, manage, find and pick talent from their pool of candidates. With 4 localised versions, we make it easy to get applications to specific jobs or just to widen your pool of candidates and then we make it even easier to find the appropriate candidates, shortlist and contact them for a job and then reviewing their work. With no limit to users of the product, your team can collaborate with notes of past job performances and more. Oh, and did we mention we source the web for extra public record information (such as social media profiles) the candidate might not have provided? It is a key solution to modelling and hostess agencies as well as to HR companies.

  • RepsHub

    With RepsHub we set to create the most simple to use and yet most effective CRM solution specifically thought and designed for resellers and agents of big brands such as Avon, Herbalife and others. We think our clients have specific needs that other CRMs just don’t address – so we created one that does and that was entirely built for this segment (although the simpleness of use means it can be used by pretty much anyone!). Manage clients, manage purchases, get notifications of when client might be running out of product and much more – on your computer or mobile.

  • ClientPlus

    ClientPlus is software and know-how. Our team delivers tech solutions that help brands in improving their relationship with their clients by gathering more and better feedback across all moments of the experience. We work tirelessly to provide high-quality technology that supports brand’s ambitions to improve. We see feedback as key driver of innovation and improvements inside organisations and not only as vanity metrics for the marketing department. We are releasing in Q1 2016, a SAAS product that aims to be the home of your company’s feedback, retrieving, analysing and driving inputs from customer’s feedback.

  • MobileEngage

    With MobileEngage we set to create the most complete suite of functionalities that allows brands to interact with customers on their mobile phones. Create digital coupon campaigns, build mobile-based loyalty programmes or explore how to connect with your customers through good old-fashion SMS and start generating more engagement and better business results.

  • Custom Development

    We develop software (mostly web-based solutions) from scratch to brands big and small in all sorts of projects. We’ve developed standard websites, facebook games played by thousands, we’ve worked in startup projects of new clients that wanted to turn their ideas into reality and we developed technology for internal or external use for some big corporations that rely on our team of in-house development and trusted partners and freelance network to build their digital products always with continuous support around the clock and a marketing/sales/support team ready to give extra tips and follow-up, something that “engineer-only” software houses fail to present. Click here to see how we could help.


One single promise.

We are a team of digital natives. We are developers, we are marketeers, we are designers, we are managers but above all we are people. We are passionate people, obsessed with doing extraordinary and useful things. This is our life’s work and we want to impact others with it. Our one single promise is to continuously do our best: craft the best digital experiences, bring fresh ideas, provide top tier support, treat everyone well and give back. This is our promise. This is what we want to be remembered for. This is ColorElephant.

Made of (extraordinary) elephants

We don’t make great software and provide outstanding service because we found some kind of century-old secret no one else has. We do it because of the team. On top of working with a network of vetoed and trusted partners and freelancers the in-house team at ColorElephant works hard daily to bring you the best tools and services in the business. And that’s why we make great software.

Ricardo Sousa
Ricardo Sousa
Co-Founder & CEO
Joana Castro Santos
Joana Castro Santos
Co-Founder & Head of Design
João Magalhães
João Magalhães
Tiago Costa
Tiago Costa
Head of Sales
David Dias
David Dias
Software Engineer
Daniel Ferreira
Daniel Ferreira
Frontend Developer
Fernando Ribeiro
Fernando Ribeiro
Lead Frontend Developer
Tomasz Kaczmarek
Tomasz Kaczmarek
Junior Software Engineer

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