Announcing colorelephant's acquisition by The Loop co

One chapter ends.
A new one begins ♾️

One chapter ends.
A new one begins ♾️

The Loop Co acquires ColorElephant core business paving the way for international expansion and leveraging ColorElephant’s team expertise and track record.

And although this journey ends, we’re just getting started…

Thank You

For over 10 years ColorElephant was a labour of love. Started almost by accident (like most good things start?) and grown with the individual contribution and collective care of many “elephants” over many years, ColorElephant was and is about people. 

We did some memorable stuff together. We shipped fun side projects that were either massive successes (landing us in newspapers) or major flops. We scored impossible-to-get clients and got yelled at by the CMO of a major corporation because we followed up on a sales email. We did a bit of everything: from delivering ambitious projects, powering millions of users with too-many-to-count lines of code and pixels to spinning up the online store of a new entrepreneur. We started small, bootstrapped all the way, hired some of the most talented people from all around the world. We made mistakes and learned from them, almost went out of business but came back stronger. Opened and closed offices, settling for a remote model before remote was cool. We delivered projects that clients were proud of and made them millions and projects that we lost money on and learned hard lessons with. But we always came through. Showed up. Together. We collectively started, accelerated and jumpstarted careers and enabled clients to ship better and faster. We held up to our values and to our belief that talent is everywhere and talented people can ship great software.

We did all of these things but, in the end, it comes down to people. The people who made their contribute. The clients who trusted us with their projects, the team members that trusted us with key parts of their careers.

We did a ton of mistakes. Too many to count. I apologise for every single time where, in the midst of the craze of day-to-day, we didn’t live up to our expectations: with clients, with partners and above all with our team. But we also did some pretty amazing things, built a profitable business and  lived up to our mission… we knew we weren’t curing cancer or ending global hunger, but we still banded together behind a common mission: crafting amazing digital products, with soul, while advancing the careers of truly talented and genuinely caring people all over the globe.

And what better way to end this chapter than to thank all the people (clients, team members, partners) who, over the past 10 years, made ColorElephant what it is and will always be: digital, delivered by humans.

For all of you who, at some point, trusted this guy or his team a massive thank you ❤️