Our business is your business

ColorElephant was born in 2012 as a marketing studio. We focused mainly on social media, digital activation and events. As we grew also did our business and our own understanding of the true challenges that businesses around us were facing. We started to pave the way for what we are today: a small growing digital studio based out of sunny Portugal focused on helping clients small and big, around the world, be more productive and get more sales through technology. We work to create solutions that help them in either their operational or their marketing efforts.

We are a team of Digital Natives. We understand technology because we grew with it. All of our people share common traits: undoubtable technical known-how, passion for technology and the impact it can have on businesses, global mindset, a desire to learn and grow and unparalleled dedication and commitment to our clients. This is our DNA and what in many ways sets us apart. 

Our team works from our Porto offices or elsewhere, we’re relaxed but focused. We tackle challenges one minute and we have lunch together the other. Character is as important in hiring as tech mastery. We have a solid, multi-disciplinar core team and for specific projects we pick the best talent out there. We believe in this as a quality and growth-oriented model. 

We’re a bootstrapped company grown over 4 years, with people heading it with solid market proof. We had our bumps and ups and downs along the way. We never give up, we constantly try to evolve and learn. We focus on giving clean ROI to our clients and on growing a flexible, close relationship with them. More than ‘doing a project’ we want to be their digital partners. 

We’ve had the pleasure to work with these fine brands and more: