About Us

yet another digital agency?

ColorElephant is a small (yet growing) boutique digital studio, with physical addresses in Porto and New York but a global footprint with a team of savvy digital natives helping global clients create, connect, improve and grow their digital products and initiatives.

Over the last 8+ years, we’ve done everything from helping a mom and pop shop launch their business idea (and see it grow!) to creating a local HR system for one of the world-leading car manufacturers. This unique exposure to different realities, paces, and industries provides us an edge on having a much more comprehensive approach to problems. We bring together the agility of startup development and the rock-solidness of enterprise deployments.

Bootstrapped from day one by two young entrepreneurs with an international background, we rely on doing great for our customers to grow (and survive). In just eight years, we got offices in two continents, a growing (remote, even before pandemics were a thing) team of incredible professionals and clients on all continents. We set ourselves apart by a lean structure, fair pricing, and a deep sense of mission and dedication to our customers, all the way from the CEO to the programmer working on your project.

Let us share the truth: we’re not perfect or even the best.  There’s a bunch of things we need to improve (and do so every day) but if you talk with our clients, you’ll learn about our creativity applied to solving real business problems or seize on opportunities, our support, and insight beyond what any scope of work can set, about our unbeatable commitment to successful delivery and our technical soundness. 

At the end of the day, it comes down to being humans: understanding problems, making commitments, and working alongside you to execute on solutions. Not as ‘resources’ but as partners.

A Remote Team

With clients spread across the globe (from Hawai to Sydney) and talented team members across the world, we have a truly widespread presence from the frenzy streetlights of New York to the river-bathed hills of Porto.

We are all shades of color, come from over 10 countries, speak over 13 languages (and many more accents), have different religions, preferences, and perspectives. Some of us graduated from prestigious universities while others dropped out. Some worked for big corporations, others as one-man freelance shops. In all our diversity, we all share one thing, though: a passion for crafting mobile and web experiences that delight. That is what brought us together. Regardless of our geography, all of our team adhere to the same rules and best practices allowing us to work with clients even in the tightest regulated industries.

See how we look at remote work.

Our Team

Ricardo Sousa

co-founder and CEO

Adam Field


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Tiago Costa


Bryan Elvis

UX Chief

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Joana Castro Santos


Charlie Pills


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Core Values

Rather than cheesy catch-phrases to print into an office wall (and since we have no offices) we see our values as the master guidelines of our work and an internal ‘must do’ list. They tightly correlate with our promise to our clients, being its internal counterpart and what ultimately makes it possible.