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We’re a team of entrepreneurs, project managers, designers, testers and engineers sweating the details to passionately design, build and ship digital projects. We’re not your “contractors” or “resources” — we’re your partners to deliver ROI-driven, thoughtful and robust products. And we’ve got a ton of experience in both working directly with fast-growing startups and ambitious entrepreneurs as well as leading agencies. We’d love to help take one of your projects off the ground…

working with entrepreneurs, startups as well as these slightly bigger companies

Get a project off the ground...

We’ve supported many entrepreneurs (some working at FAANG or at one of the Big 4) leverage their unique business understanding to create a digital product from scratch by supporting through ideation, spec’ing and actual design and development. We can do that for you or for your clients.

Create a tech project as a non-technical person

The vast majority of our clients are non-technical. We work with them to help assess what the best potential technology (or no-code solution) is to execute their vision and then as their trusted advisor and technical partner whilst they continue creating and running the business. We let you focus on what you do best.

Spot the inefficiencies and deliver solutions

It’s not that you don’t know what needs to be done. It’s just that there’s lots to do, no time to sit back and think through the problems and opportunities. We get it. We’ve helped others identify these and then built the tech to tackle them.

Scale a team

Although this is admittedly not the business we seek the most, we’ve had extremely successful experiences with our engineers or product managers helping internal teams scale to meet peak demand and deliver insanely high quality products.

Become your Tech Partners

We’ve worked with countless agencies as their trusted technical partners. We work both behind the scenes or with full client visibility. We help by executing technical projects (integrations, automations, products) as well as by strategising new ideas to leverage the latest technology to give clients an edge. 

Innovate in a big corp

Most of our big contracts with the big brands were us knocking on their door with a polished idea for a problem they had and a sketch of a plan on how to make it a reality. We’re able to provide innovators inside bigger organizations with the structure they need to deliver enterprise products at startup speeds (well, within the known limits of the internal bureaucracy :-)). 

Case Studies

How BlueGlass partnered with ColorElephant to deliver a world-class website with powerful visual editing in a headless implementation to one of Switzerland’s leading brands, Rivella.

After a ton of time searching, going through multiple teams both near-shore and off-shore, ColorElephant was able to deliver at a level even I wasn't expecting

Marco Schläpfer Entrepreneur (Zurich)

I am thankful ColorElephant was able to understand the unique characteristics of our niche and present us with all the support to develop a product that opened up a new branch and might represent our future.

Maria Castro Executive (Portugal)

We had a pretty straightforward set of needs. However, not only was ColorElephant able to get us to where we needed to be but the whole team, Tiago, in particular, were critical in giving us an edge. THANKS!

David Adams CEO (San Francisco)