At ColorElephant we don’t have a lot of rules, but we do have some guiding principles. If at any point you think we’ve failed to accomplish any of the below, then reach out to


We believe in doing excellent work. Good is not something we’re comfortable with. Excellent is also about around-the-clock support, fast solution to problems and a whole lot more than just working, well commented, expandable code (which we do).


We believe in charging fairly for everything we do. Besides alignment of expectations, there is also no point in charging clients twice as much just because they can pay for it. Is rather much better if our clients recommend us and do more with us. But we do charge for all our products and services. Everyone wins if everyone pays for things that (hopefully) are useful to them.

Bootstrapped business and spirit

We are bootstrapped. We’re independent and we like it that way. We do things as we believe they are right and not as someone tells us they ‘must be’. We grow organically and we rely on hard work (and quality work) to live and prosper. That’s the best incentive to keep our feet down and our heads aiming up – and also a guarantee we’ll always do the upmost to deliver quality work. It’s not a catch phrase, we actually depend upon it. 

Creating things that matter

We create products and provide services that matter. We sell stuff, that people actually pay for. This means we need to create things that add value and increase ROI. Daily, we work with real world problems and with real world clients. 


We are always seeking suggestions, critics and improvement opportunities. We are open and we like it that way. We won’t do everything right everytime and at first try. We can however, learn from every opportunity and grow with it. That’s what we do.


We believe in not reinventing the wheel. If something out there does a good job and is available we won’t reinvent it for the sake of billable hours or to make it look more complex. We improve upon. Also if what you wanted to do with us is already done, we’d rather point that out. Again, we want you coming back for something with which we can really help with.


We are true to ourselves. We are not a big company and we don’t behave as such. That has bad things, but also good things. We are a small agile and growing team and we acknowledge and embrace that as part of our culture and DNA. So if you are looking for a 100-strong workforce for your next project, we’ll have to pass. But if you’re looking for a small, committed and growing team which can take care of the job and will pour every bit of energy into it, then we’re here.

quality assurance and security

We create high quality, expandable code that is commented and supported throughout. We do Quality Assurance over our projects. We do it by hiring talent and personality. If you are not happy, we’ll either resolve or refund. Our code and your data is kept safe according to the highest standards of security. However, being honest means saying nothing is 100% bulletproof in this DNA age.

real humans here…

Providing superior, around-the-clock support for us is paramount. You can reach us by chat, phone, email, skype and pretty much everything else. Part of the previous point (being small and empowered) also means you’ll be speaking with people who can actually make a difference at all times. 

We are digital natives. We are young and energetic. We understand the web and strive to keep up with the latest technologies. We move fast. We invest in clients. We’re proactive and make suggestions. Your project is also ours. We want to make our clients happy. Everything else is a by-product of that.