Digital products, delivered by humans

We’re a talented and diverse team of entrepreneurs, project managers, designers, testers and engineers sweating the details to passionately design, build and ship digital projects. We’re not your “contractors” or “resources” — we’re your partners to deliver ROI-driven, thoughtful and robust products that materialize your vision.

working with entrepreneurs, startups as well as these slightly bigger companies

We don’t have a set menu to choose from. We’ll work together to understand what is needed, what is the core problem or opportunity you are dealing with and provide the best mix of technology and implementation that can get the job done. We only work with web and mobile-based projects and either create from scratch (launch an idea, create a product, create a sales channel) or integrate and build on top of existing software. 

Technology & Skills

We see skills as part of something bigger. Skills and specific technologies are just a way to materialize a solution for an identified problem with a structured process. We like to say we’re technology (and platform) agnostic, because technology — for most projects — is not what matters the most. Put the best technical stack through a horrific implementation and you’ll get… a horrific product. We are, however, skilled in the below.

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Help launch a side-business

We’ve supported many entrepreneurs (some working at FAANG or at one of the Big 4) leverage their unique business understanding to create a digital product from scratch by supporting through ideation, spec’ing and actual design and development.

Create a tech business as a non-technical person

The vast majority of our clients are non-technical. We work with them to help assess what the best potential technology (or no-code solution) is to execute their vision and then as their trusted advisor and technical partner whilst they continue creating and running the business. We let you focus on what you do best.

Spot the inefficiencies and deliver solutions

It’s not that you don’t know what needs to be done. It’s just that there’s lots to do, no time to sit back and think through the problems and opportunities. We get it. We’ve helped others identify these and then built the tech to tackle them.

Scale a team

We’ve had extremely successful experiences with our engineers or product managers helping internal teams scale to meet peak demand and deliver insanely high quality products.

Build or expand products

We’ve helped companies of all sizes create new venture lines, new functionality for existing products or key integrations that unlocked growth. Our ROI-focused approach makes sure you’re not building tech for the sake of building tech.

Innovate in a big corp

Most of our big contracts with the big brands were us knocking on their door with a polished idea for a problem they had and a sketch of a plan on how to make it a reality. We’re able to provide innovators inside bigger organizations with the structure they need to deliver enterprise products at startup speeds (well, within the known limits of the internal bureaucracy :-)). 

Case Studies

How BlueGlass partnered with ColorElephant to deliver a world-class website with powerful visual editing in a headless implementation to one of Switzerland’s leading brands, Rivella.

We got your back

In any project with ColorElephant you can always count with a few things to make the process of working together smoother...


You get access to your project manager via email. During key stages of the process, they might become available via Slack or another chat tool and will always be happy to get on a call with you.

Fixed-scope or time-based

We have worked with both scope-based and time-based projects. With either, you’ll always get a sense of cost and we’ll help you navigate through the differences and pros/cons of each to help you decide.

Single Project Manager

Throughout the project's life cycle you’ll get a single project manager. They’ll be your main point of contact and help ensure the project is executed within a set timeline and with the highest possible quality.


The whole project is tracked and managed via Clickup. You get full visibility over progress in regular calls and an updated board. You’ll also see our incremental deployments into a test url when the project is at a stage where regular sprints can commence.

Strategic Point of Contact

Throughout the project you’ll also get regular access to one of our strategists. They’re there to assist the PM in the background in ensuring your project is successful but are also happy to get in conversations with you to help strategise solutions or identify opportunities.

Plan with Milestones

A fool without a plan is just a fool 🙂 We develop a project plan with key project dates and milestones as well as what the expected progress is. Given the nature of software development, the scope will have small adjustments that might lead to small changes in this timeline. These will regularly be reflected.

After a ton of time searching, going through multiple teams both near-shore and off-shore, ColorElephant was able to deliver at a level even I wasn't expecting

Marco Schläpfer Entrepreneur (Zurich)

I am thankful ColorElephant was able to understand the unique characteristics of our niche and present us with all the support to develop a product that opened up a new branch and might represent our future.

Maria Castro Executive (Portugal)

We had a pretty straightforward set of needs. However, not only was ColorElephant able to get us to where we needed to be but the whole team, Tiago, in particular, were critical in giving us an edge. THANKS!

David Adams CEO (San Francisco)

    A Remote Team

    With clients spread across the globe (from Hawai to Sydney) and talented team members across the world, we have a truly widespread presence from the frenzy streetlights of New York to the river-bathed hills of Porto.

    We are all shades of color, come from over 10 countries, speak over 13 languages (and many more accents), have different religions, preferences, and perspectives. Some of us graduated from prestigious universities while others dropped out. Some worked for big corporations, others as one-man freelance shops. In all our diversity, we all share one thing, though: a passion for crafting mobile and web experiences that delight. That is what brought us together. Regardless of our geography, all of our team adhere to the same rules and best practices allowing us to work with clients even in the tightest regulated industries.

    See how we look at remote work.

    BOBJ – Data Model Explained

    BOBJ – Data Model Explained

    Choosing the data model for a project requires an extended conversation about the project itself. Its plans, goals and dreams. What does the project hope to be? It should not be a “choose your database and then fit your model”. You don’t buy a Ferrari and then see how much lumber you can fit on top: you choose the car for the purpose that you need it for.

    CEO = Chief Enabler Officer

    CEO = Chief Enabler Officer

    As a Founder/CEO of a small (albeit growing) tech company one of my biggest issues — to which I’ve not been able to find a solution still — is time management. I end up taking up a lot of work (some of which I probably shouldn’t) and between financials, client management, product development, roadmap structuring, hiring, and the dozen other tasks I assign myself to, I barely have time to do any of it timely and effectively — let alone spare some time to myself.