We’re in the business of helping businesses

ColorElephant started back in 2012 with a great focus on using digital know-how to help companies in their marketing efforts. Over the past four years we’ve seen first-hand the struggles of businesses of all sizes to integrate software, have custom-built solutions live up to the expectations, create memorable and measurable digital products that support their marketing and more generally have a reliable, cost-effective partner for their digital initiatives, whose focus in not only on creating “something nice and cool” using all the latest buzzwords and innovations, but primarily something which focuses on the real challenges those businesses face and gives an uptake on the KPIs that they live by.

As we grew we understood our focus had to be on becoming that partner. By working tirelessly with our clients, by prioritising, by being agile, by going that extra mile without charging the cost of 10 miles, we focused our attention on working daily to create technology that supports companies of all sizes in their marketing and/or operational efforts using our know-how. We’ve worked on custom built HR management suits, POS systems, Facebook Applications, Online Stores, Messenger Bots and a lot of custom development. We try to provide an outline of what we can do, but the best is to get in touch and we’ll explore what can be done together.



No solution is the same. Given the nature of what we do we’re happy to get on a call with you and quickly understand if we are a fit and if we can work togehter.

Examples of things we can do for you....

Based on our experience and things we’ve done before, here’s a quick sample of what we can do for you:

  • HR Management Application: cloud-based allows you to manage employee information, automatically coordinate holidays and time off, centralise document management, create profiles for employees and manage payroll and other legal obligations.
  • A stock management system that gathers real-time information on stock from more than 10 different POS systems and matches thousands of items providing an infrastructure and API others can read from.
  • Your own startup or tech product. For example we just built a hotel search engine for a client doing the branding, integration with external providers, payments and all that it entails. A complete solution delivered.
  • Landing pages with a focus on conversion making your online campaigns KPI-driven;
  • CRM with Social Integration: Application that allows you to manage clients, their purchases, their details – including automatically gathered social details;
  • Online Stores that focus on having a great usability and strategy on how to get started selling included;
  • Facebook Messenger Bots that help automate customer service tasks;
  • Customer Satisfaction Questionaries that are actionable;
  • Facebook Application that is an interactive game with different challenges every week driving up interactions with a page over time;
  • Contests and more on Facebook to drive page likes;